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Whether for the sun or simply for fashion, a high-quality pair of sunglasses can make an impact on your image. Part of your appearance is cultivated by your clothing and accessory selections, so why not choose a classic pair of sunglasses? Designer sunglasses by many of the top clothing designers have an element of classic and high-end style no matter the trend. From oversized to wayfarer sunglasses, many designer brands set the trends of the moment – and continue to stay relevant. Our selection of designer sunglasses discounted has some of the current top styles, including oversized women’s and aviator sunglasses – all of which have high-quality designs with plastic or metal frames. Choose from current styles and past classic sunglasses designs in our selection of men’s and women’s sunglasses. 

As our specialty is designer sunglasses, our products consist of top brands sold at discounted prices. Some of the top requested shades are gucci sunglasses and ray ban sunglasses, and both of these designers, as well as others, are offered in our variety of products. Other brands in our selection include Prada, Dior, Dolce and Gabbana, Juicy Couture, and Carrera sunglasses. All of these brands carry a variety of styles for both men and women. For example, if you’re looking for a designer pair of aviator sunglasses, many of these designer brands will carry their version of aviator lenses.


Although a designer’s brand is often associated with a certain type of style, these all of these designer sunglasses brands cover the basic styles of sunglasses with their own interpretations. For example, both aviator and oversized sunglasses are popular at the moment – aviator styles for both sexes and oversized sunglasses for women – but each designer takes one of these basic designs and adds its trademark style, brand name aside. We carry all of the latest styles by top designers, but our selection even includes some vintage sunglasses. Are you looking for a classic pair of wayfarer sunglasses from the ‘80s or wraparound sunglasses from the mid-‘90s? Although ‘90s fashion isn’t considered vintage yet, we carry older styles that have remained top requested for their classic appearances. In addition, our selection of modern and vintage sunglasses includes metal and plastic frames and lenses of various colors.

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