As with all aspects of fashion, some trends are recycled every 20 years. This is no different with sunglasses. In fact, many styles popularized in the 1980’s have now returned. The only difference this time around, however, is the color combinations used.

Aviator sunglasses, such as those sported by leading actors in films Top Gun and Cobra, are one trend that returned over the past few years. But, while Top Gun aviator sunglasses consisted of black lenses on metal frames, the current styles add some variation to this basic but still classic style. For example, many of the frames for aviator sunglasses are colored in red, white, yellow, or another color and contrast with the dark lenses. The lenses themselves add some variation, too. While solid black and mirrored styles are classic, more recent interpretations involve lighter colors – think pink or brown – and gradient lenses.

Styles for men and women are another new trend in aviator sunglasses. The styles of 20 years ago, by manufacturers like Ray Ban, could be considered masculine or unisex. In the present, the classic black on metal styles, albeit with some color added, are still in style for men, but women have many more choices. Lighter colored lenses, brighter frames, and rhinestone embellishments are all added to give aviator shades a feminine touch.

Practically all brands of designer sunglasses carry aviator styles. Nevertheless, some are better suited at crafting styles for men and others for women. Ray Ban, for example, has always been at the forefront with designing unisex sunglasses, and the brand carries various neutral styles for both sexes. On the feminine side are styles by Juicy Couture, Liz Claiborne, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, and Diesel. Some of these frames simply have a slight feminine appearance – pink lenses or embellishments on the end – while others go for a clearly feminine look.

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