Quality and style go into every pair of designer eyeglasses. No matter if you need a pair of durable and neutral frames or want the latest eyewear trend, you can find a pair of designer eyeglasses suitable to your tastes. Vision in Style carries discount designer eyeglasses frames by some of the top fashion houses: Hugo Boss, Armani Exchange, Dior, Versace, Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, and many others. Not all designer eyeglasses frames are high fashion, however, and if a sturdy and practical design is what you need, many other brands sold through Vision in Style offer just this.

You can't go wrong with a basic pair of eyeglasses, and all brands carry several neutral styles for both sexes. As metal frames with rectangular styles, such designer eyeglasses should flatter your face shape. As a general rule, rectangular frames are better suited to rounder shapes, and oval or circular frames smooth out angular facial features. Although many of these neutral frames are suitable for both sexes, tinted metal gives a pair of such designer eyeglasses a feminine style.

The latest trend for designer eyeglasses frames, particularly those by high fashion brands, is plastic. Designed for both sexes, these frames are thicker and make the eyeglasses more noticeable – but that's the point. Eyeglasses shouldn't be hidden, and with many styles available, they are another aspect of your look. For men, plastic designer eyeglasses frames are typically black and rectangular, often having a retro look. More color options are available for women, in addition to rectangular and rounded styles.

If you want the most inconspicuous look possible, designer eyeglasses frames also offer this style possibility. Half-rim and rimless looks emerged over the past decade for both sexes. Generally smaller in size, these designer eyeglasses have half of a frame on top or have the lenses, not surrounded by rims, attached to the sides by screws. Petite for women and small for men, half-rim and rimless styles come in rectangular and rounded shapes, with a hint of color possibly added through the frame.

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