Designer sunglasses mirror many other aspects of high-end fashion: distinct style, high-quality designs and construction, and classic or forward trends. As long as designer brands have been on the map, sunglasses have often been part of their product lines. The designers behind the sunglasses create the latest trends, which, then, are imitated by lesser brands and manufacturers. So, at the moment, what are some of the top trends?

Oversized sunglasses, for example, have been the most distinct look from the past decade. Characterized by round lenses and a larger, thicker plastic frames, these designer sunglasses embody femininity in eyewear. The trend isn’t new, however, appearing last in the early 1980’s. But, while this past style saw mock tortoise frames paired with dark lenses, newer oversized sunglasses are all about color combinations: pink frames paired with purple lenses, black frames with gradient lenses, and many other combinations.

Men’s and unisex designer sunglasses, on the other hand, have gone through other transformations this past decade. Aviator styles – another trend last seen in the 1980’s – found their way back to mainstream fashion through various designer brands. This time around, aviators are all about subtle bits of color. A frame can be colored and the lenses can be solid or gradient. Wayfarers, another unisex style, came back around the same time, as well. Similar color combinations with frames and lenses, as opposed to simply black on black, are popular through brands like Ray Ban.

Imitators and knock off brands capitalize on these designer sunglasses trends, but it’s only the original style that has quality. Designer sunglasses fall into a variety of price ranges, but, even without a price tag, a pair of shades will still look like a knockoff if the construction is poor. If you’re looking for high-quality designer sunglasses by any well-known brand, Vision in Style carries the latest trends in oversized, wayfarer, and aviator styles at discounted prices.

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