Eyeglasses frames are a fashion statement. Beyond practical uses, a pair of frames needs to fit in with your personal style and, at the same time, be appropriate for all occasions. Although certain eyeglasses frames vary for men and women, three standard looks are available: traditional metal, plastic, and rimless. A retailer like Vision in Style offers several options for discount eyeglasses frames, from several designer brands to a large range of looks for men and women. The possibilities for eyeglasses frames online are practically endless, and if you are looking for a new look, see the several designer styles we have to offer.

Metal eyeglasses frames are a basic look for both sexes. Practical but stylish at the same time, such frames are made to be inconspicuous and appropriate for all occasions. Steel or titanium eyeglasses frames in rounded or rectangular styles are essentially unisex, although tinted metal may give an ordinary pair a feminine flair. As metal eyeglasses frames are just right for any occasion, find a pair that flatters your face shape.

Eyeglasses, however, don't always need to be invisible, and the latest trend – plastic frames – makes them bold. For women and men, plastic eyeglasses frames are angular or rounded and designed in several colors. Black is neutral and a popular look for both sexes, although other colors may match your look better. Modern eyeglasses with red frames are commonly requested, but blue, pink, mock tortoise, and many other colors are available.

For the most not-there look available, half-rim and rimless frames make a pair of glasses practically invisible. Popular for men but also available for women, these eyeglasses have no or part of a rim surrounding the lenses. The lenses are typically small and narrow and attach to the rest of the metal frame by screws.

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