With so many possibilities for eyeglasses, how do you know which style to choose? Consider your face shape when looking at the many designer eyeglasses frames at Vision in Style. Certain face shapes are complimented by frames but may be less flattered by others. When you need a new pair of eyeglasses frames, think about which shape goes best with your face.

Oval faces, characterized by balanced features, are the most versatile. Oval faces have a narrow forehead and jaw line with high cheek bones. All eyeglasses frames compliment oval faces, but as a rounded face should have some angles, consider a pair of rectangular, geometric, or butterfly frames. If you have small features, however, make sure the lenses are not large enough to seem out of proportion.

Square faces, with a proportional square jaw and deep forehead, need some contrast. Add some curves to your face by looking for rounded or oval eyeglasses frames. Such styles soften the harder angles of the face. Consider horizontal designs instead of vertical, or go for rimless or half rimless styles.

Round faces, on the other hand, have an absence of angles, and a pair of rectangular or geometric eyeglasses can give your face some definition. The angular designs, as well, make the face appear slimmer. When looking at rectangular eyeglasses frames, however, find horizontal styles with mid-height temples.

Heart-shaped faces need balance through a pair of eyeglasses. Characterized by a wide forehead and narrow jaw line, heart-shaped faces have non-proportional angular and rounded features. Eyeglasses for such faces, as a result, should have a combination of such lines. Cat eye and butterfly eyeglasses for men and women have a similar combination of angles and curves. Rounded frames with a horizontal style also add some balance. All eyeglasses for heart-shaped faces, however, should have mid-height temples and should not draw attention to the top, toward the forehead, with decorations or a thicker frame.

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