The brand “Gucci” conjures images of celebrities, status, and refinement. The association is warranted, however, as many notable celebrities and figures have worn Gucci sunglasses and other fashion products since the 1960s to the present. But, unlike some brands that are once popular and grow out of favor over time, Gucci is the paradigm of fashion success: with products that always appear fashionable and timeless, establishing trends but never following them, Gucci is always ahead and relevant. No matter the product, a Gucci item is the pinnacle of high fashion.

Gucci, named the most desirable luxury brand in the world, started in 1921 as a leather goods company and small luggage store in Florence, Italy. Instead of capturing Italian style and exporting it to the rest of the world, however, Gucci introduced the refined English style to Italy, which, soon after, was embodied by their equestrian look. Although the equestrian association has since been dropped in the present, the aesthetic of a refined but fashion-forward image pervades all Gucci products.

Simple lights and bold colors characterize many Gucci sunglasses. Celebrities from the 1960s onward have often sported a pair of Gucci shades. Gucci oversized sunglasses, in particular, often have a celebrity association, whether it’s from a 1960s icon or a modern-day star. Nevertheless, the refinement is added to all Gucci sunglasses in unisex, men’s, and women’s styles.

From modern oversized and aviator looks to classic metal frames, Gucci sunglasses are recognizable not only by their quality but also by the monogram on each frame. Most Gucci shades will have a “G” or their double “G” logo added, although some will have the full brand name spelled out. Those looking for boldness but sophistication always go with Gucci, and sunglasses are no different. Browse through the many metal and plastic frames with solid or gradient lenses by Gucci offered through Vision in Style.

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