Men, it’s time to prepare for warmer weather, which means you need a functional and stylish pair of sunglasses. It might also be time to update your look. Glance at the shades you wore last summer. What style are they? If they’re wayfarers or aviators, you might be in luck. If you still wear wraparound sunglasses outside of athletic activities, however, now might be the time to look at high-quality men’s designer sunglasses.

You don’t get a pass on poor fashion just for being a guy, and part of updating your look is staying up to date on the current trends. In men’s eyewear, the aviator frame has been the go-to pair for the past decade. With a teardrop shape, aviator sunglasses were last popular in the 1980s, but this basic style looks good at all times, anywhere. Although some designer aviator sunglasses for men have a colored plastic frame, this trend appears on the way out, and simplicity is in.

Color isn’t bad for eyewear, however, and wayfarers – another look harking back to the 1980s – allow you to add some to your style without seeming too showy or tacky. Having an angular shape with rounded corners, wayfarer sunglasses compliment all face shapes, and designers like Ray-Ban make them in nearly any color. Why not have a pair of sunglasses in your favorite shade?

Clubmasters are a variation on wayfarers and were reintroduced by Ray-Ban back in 2008. A style that appeared in the 1980s, clubmaster sunglasses use a combination of curved and straight lines with a half-rim style. Like aviators, basic is often better for clubmasters, but much like wayfarers, these Ray-Ban frames come in nearly every color.

Mirrored sunglasses are the latest trend for men. A basic look, mirrored sunglasses are also appropriate for nearly any occasion, and the metallic surface makes them stand out – but not like you’re wearing rhinestones.

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