Men's fashion is often disheartening: too few styles, too small a selection, and a handful of basic looks. If you're a man looking for stylish eyeglasses, Vision in Style is the place to browse. All looks can be found through our store. For the sturdy and standard, many titanium and stainless steel men's eyeglasses are part of our selection. Eyewear, however, displays more color these days, and while the looks for women have crossed over into pink or red plastic frames, men's fashionable eyeglasses also keep up with the latest trends. With some color and shape added, these men's plastic eyeglasses are fashionable for all occasions.

The basic and standard character of men's style doesn't come from just anywhere. Changing your look with the season – or even with the year – isn't something guys do – no matter for shirts, jeans, or eyewear. At the same time, you want frames that always go with your look and the setting. From on the job to a night out, your eyeglasses shouldn't be out of place. A classic pair of metal frames often does the trick. Nearly all designers craft men's metal eyeglasses, and you'll find one or more that fits your face shape.

But why shouldn't eyewear be fun and match your look? Eyeglasses for men and women have evolved beyond a metal frame and glass prescription lenses. Much like for sunglasses, the style possibilities can blend in with your personal style – without making you look like a finely-dressed nerd. Designers in all price ranges understand that men's eyeglasses need to be stylish and fashionable, and for the moment, thicker plastic frames are classic but youthful.

Typically black and angular, these men's plastic eyeglasses offer some variation. Although the black and angular look is intentionally retro, other colors, including red and blue, give the frame a modern touch.

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