Sunglasses aren’t just for women. No matter if you want style or need practicality out of a pair of shades, a frame and a look will fit your needs and expectations. Men’s sunglasses come in several styles: classic for the guy who wants a pair to last, durable for the athlete, and fashionable for the man who keeps up with the latest trends. Vision in Style carries several styles of men’s sunglasses that fill all of these expectations.

Those looking to be in style these days go for a pair of wayfarer or aviator frames. Retro is in – but not if you’re wearing a pair of 20-year-old shades. Ray Ban, the brand behind many wayfarer and aviator styles from the ‘80s (many of these were featured in films at the time), has updated their looks. Wayfarer sunglasses, for example, come in angular and rounded styles, both with a plethora of color combinations. One can go for a classic look – slightly angular frames in black with dark lenses – or you can be adventurous and choose such a combination as red frames with gold mirror lenses. Aviators now offer similar color possibilities; one can choose from a basic metal on black combination or consider colored frames.

Sometimes, being in fashion isn’t a man’s top priority. Instead, he wants practicality out of a pair of shades. Many brands of men’s sunglasses understand this, and next to their wayfarer and aviator looks are simple metal frames with dark-colored lenses. Persol, for example, designs many practical styles for men, all of which have a sturdy metal frame and green, brown, or grey lenses. Men’s Gucci sunglasses, similarly, have the same practicality but with thicker frames.

Sometimes, practicality extends beyond protecting your eyes and offering a fashion-neutral frame. Those in the outdoors want this feature but also durability. Designers like Wiley X – also the manufacturer of many tactical-quality sunglasses – create shades for the athlete. With a wraparound style, many of these men’s sunglasses have colored lenses, a band to keep them in place, and even peripheral vision features.

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