The quintessential brand of sunglasses, Ray Ban has always been ahead with new and classic styles. While the wayfarer frame appears to be at the forefront of the brand at the moment, Ray Ban also carries several styles of aviator sunglasses. The interest in 1980s styles brought back wayfarer and clubmaster frames, and aviator sunglasses, too, are a throwback item. In style for the past five years, Ray Ban aviator sunglasses are appropriate for both sexes.

Unlike the myriad of color possibilities for wayfarers, aviators by Ray Ban are basic. Some of the brand's popular aviator frames include the Shooter, Outdoorsman, Outdoorsman II, Small Metal, and Large Metal. In general, lenses for Ray Ban aviator sunglasses are gunmetal or gray, but other colors, including blue, are possible. The thickness of the metal frames changes with each. Small Metal Ray Ban aviator sunglasses feature a thin metal frame, while Large Metal frames are thicker.

Trends for aviator sunglasses change. 25 years ago, Ray Ban aviator sunglasses were worn in various films, and when the style returned this past decade, more color was added. In fact, some designs of aviator sunglasses went so far as to include colored plastic frames – white and red were the most popular – and gradient lenses.

As celebrities have been spotted in classic styles, trends have shifted from bolder to unisex looks, and Ray Ban aviator sunglasses are designed for both sexes. Style standards for men and for women vary, however. For women, sticking with a classic pair of dark Ray Ban aviator sunglasses is recommended. Lenses should be solid grey or gunmetal, although a gradient look in a darker shade is also appropriate.

Although classic Ray Ban aviator sunglasses are in style for men too, metallic lenses are the latest look. Another classic style, metallic, or mirror, aviator sunglasses are basic and still stand out. Scratches are more visible on mirrored lenses, however, so if you go with this look, make sure to take extra care of your sunglasses.

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