Half-rim and rimless eyeglasses are one eyewear trend that emerged again over the past decade. For glasses that are less noticeable but still stylish, these two sleekly designed looks do not emphasize the frame directly on an individual's face. Rimless eyeglasses consist of two round or rectangular lenses attached to the side pieces, often through screws. The size of the side pieces, as well, can make a frame modestly conspicuous or practically invisible.

Half-rim eyeglasses have a similar construction; lenses are attached to a top portion of a metal or plastic frame and the bottom is left open. Some half-rim styles, angular in appearance, can appear futuristic, while others, with a horn rim frame, seem retro.

A basic pair of half-rim or rimless eyeglasses consists of a metal frame and two lenses with a round or square shape. For men's rimless eyeglasses, the lenses will likely be rectangular, and for women, a rounded look is more common. Nevertheless, if you are considering a rimless frame for your next pair of eyeglasses, find one that flatters your face shape. Rectangular lenses are better for rounded face shapes, and those with oval or square face shapes should go with rounded lenses.

The thinness of the metal makes basic half-rim or rimless eyeglasses less obvious on a person's face. Certain brands, such as Hugo Boss, make rimless eyeglasses for men with as thin of a frame as possible. Nearly wire thin, such men's eyeglasses seem almost invisible.

Other brands, such as Bvlgari and Calvin Klein, take a different approach, using thick plastic or metal frames. The thick plastic surrounding the lens can give half-rim eyeglasses a retro look, but with an angular style, the thick plastic can appear modern. Bvlgari rimless or half-rim eyeglasses, on the other hand, tend toward opulence with an elaborate, ornamented design. Even with no rim surrounding the lenses, Bvlgari rimless eyeglasses have embellished, detailed side pieces.

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