Valentino was officially founded as a fashion house in 1965 by Valentino Garavani, although Garavani’s first collection of fashion under his name appeared in 1962 in Florence. The brand gained visibility in 1966 after Garavani designed an all-white collection for women and included his “V” logo. Soon after, Valentino clothing became popular with late 1960’s celebrities and figures.

In the present, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli are the brand’s creative directors, and they’ve been in that position since 2008. Chiuri and Piccioli, however, have been involved in the fashion house since 1999, when Garavani asked them to design a line of accessories based on Valentino’s style. Prior to that, Chiuri and Piccioli had designed accessories for Fendi.

Valentino sunglasses are part of the brand’s line of accessories. Boldness and slight accents characterize Valentino’s line of accessories, and the sunglasses are no different. With several styles for women, the line is characterized by oversized, shield, and aviator frames. Many of these play up color contrasts and use less typical shades: black plastic frames are paired with dark purple lenses, or a gradient pair of lenses will contrast with a solid red frame. All, however, are characterized by the brand’s “V” logo on the side.

Accents in all aspects of fashion have been a defining feature over the past few years. While some brands tend to overdo it with the rhinestones and detailed edges on sunglasses, Valentino incorporates these aspects in moderation. Rhinestones, for example, will be placed near the temples, and this look can be found in styles 5572/S and 5624/S, the latter of which is a shield style with a rose formation by the temple. Similarly, 5622/S adds braid details near the temples, and 5570/S goes for a sharp two-tone look with a red and black frame. Additionally, various Valentino sunglasses use rhinestone inlay for the “V” logo.

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