Elegance and glamour are associated with the Versace brand. From clothing to accessories, Versace combines high fashion with youth and hipness. Gianni Versace created the brand in 1978, and he quickly redefined the meaning of a fashion house. Versace combined clothing with entertainment and showed that high-end fashion wasn’t a stuffy and elite entity.

Donatella Versace, the current vice president of the brand, assisted Gianni in advertising campaigns – the staple of the brand’s image – from the beginning. She has been Creative Director since 1997 and, over the past 13 years, has given the fashion house an edge of sexiness and femininity through all clothing and accessories, including sunglasses. Women’s apparel, for example, is created for the confident and stylish individual looking for an air of glamour and elegance, while men’s wear, particularly the suits, are crafted with flawless tailoring.

Versace sunglasses incorporate these aspects in distinctive and innovative designs. Many of these sunglasses feature details from the fashion house’s notable graphics. Present on women’s and men’s Versace sunglasses, these graphics may be as small as a metal image on the edge of the frame to as large as a lattice pattern going down each side. Additionally, as rhinestones are added to give frames a youthful and feminine appearance, various women’s Versace sunglasses are embellished with these on the ends.

Choose from many styles for men and women by Versace. For women, simple and feminine always conveys an appearance of elegance and refinement. Many Versace sunglasses for women are designed in oversized and shield styles and feature gradient lenses in grey, green, and plum. A final feminine touch is often added through a side embellishment. Men’s Versace sunglasses, similarly, give an appearance of authority through bold lines and darker colors. Find angular and rounded frames in shield and wayfarer styles for men.

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