Vintage fashion goes one of two ways: a modern interpretation of past styles or a dated look. At the moment, eyewear is revisiting many styles seen 20 years ago, and while modern wayfarer sunglasses aren’t exactly vintage, they’re an updated version of a look last popular in the 1980s. Vintage-style designer sunglasses, such as wayfarers, look more appropriate in the present and still retain some of their nostalgia.

In a sense, current vintage style designer sunglasses go back to the earlier part of the last decade, when oversized sunglasses appeared. Last worn in the 1970s and early ‘80s, oversized sunglasses were re-imagined in bright colors, with gradient lenses, or with embellishments, such as rhinestones. Solid black, white, or mock tortoise gives oversized sunglasses a vintage look, although the frames are stylized for the present.

Aviators and wayfarers are two additional vintage-style sunglasses presently popular. Similarly to oversized sunglasses, these two frames were retooled for the ‘00s with more colors and lens options. Trends, however, are turning more toward classic styles, and a pair of red aviator sunglasses with brown gradient lenses becomes so three years ago. While these two looks are in, celebrities have been spotted with basic black wayfarers or aviators. Instead of a one-outfit style, black vintage style sunglasses likely go with everything in your wardrobe.

Clubmaster sunglasses are the latest style to reemerge in the present. Based on styles from the 1960s, clubmasters were created by Ray-Ban in the 1980s and came back to their product line in 2008. Predicted to be a hot look for the summer, clubmaster sunglasses have also been updated. While a black-on-black style goes with everything, a larger palette of colors and bolder shades characterize this latest trend.

When looking at vintage style designer sunglasses for yourself, keep the same eyewear rules in mind: Find a frame that flatters your face shape and choose a style appropriate for many occasions.

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