Vintage is in. But – make that vintage style. Looking like your style is 20 years out of date is a serious fashion faux pas. Rather, styles popular 20 years ago are coming back – but with a modern twist. Wearing updated wayfarers and aviator frames shows that you’re up with the latest vintage style sunglasses; wearing a pair of frames from 1988 with big hair and shoulder pads – two ‘80s trends that thankfully didn’t return this time around – is a fashion-don’t. Essentially, going retro is the style of the moment, just as long as you don’t look like you stepped out of a time machine.

Concerning the latest frames, vintage style sunglasses have all been about looks that were popular in the ‘80s but that died off by the mid-1990s. Wayfarers, popularized by Ray Ban in the ‘80s and in the present, have been on the fashion rebound since 2007, and now are seen on nearly all celebrities. This time, however, Ray Ban gives those looking for this style a variety of color options for the frames and lenses. While black on black is certainly a classic look, someone can also get turquoise or red frames with gold mirror or brown lenses. Many more color combinations are possible.

Although wayfarers appear to be the most obvious vintage style sunglasses, aviator and oversized frames, popular over the past decade, also have retro roots. Oversized sunglasses were last seen in the early ‘80s, but, in the early 2000s, they evolved beyond the black and mock tortoise style of yore and, instead, appeal to a youthful consumer by having nearly endless color combinations. While the mock tortoise and black is still an option, so are pink frames with plum gradient lenses. Even rhinestones may be added to the frame. Such vintage style sunglasses convey a feminine but less serious appearance and appeal to women of all ages.

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