Trends supposedly recycle themselves every 20 years. But, while certain trends from the 1980’s haven’t made it back to the present (shoulder pads, for example), others are coming back in new and improved forms. Wayfarer sunglasses are one such trend. The early ‘90s was the last time wayfarers were popular, before their present resurgence, but these sunglasses aren’t a creation in the same vein as acid wash and parachute pants. Rather, wayfarer sunglasses have been a style staple on and off since the 1950s, when Ray Ban first introduced the design.

The last wave of the wayfarer’s popularity was brought on by significant product placement in films and on celebrities. Think of the various characters in popular 1980s films sporting black on black wayfarer sunglasses, particularly in teen-oriented movies like Risky Business and The Breakfast Club. Nevertheless, the style’s popularity decreased in the mid-1990’s, as wraparound designs rose, but in the present wayfarers are back with many other ‘80s fashion staples.

Currently, however, the black on black designs popular 20 years ago aren’t the only ones available. Although Ray Ban has the hold on the market for designer wayfarer sunglasses, they and other brands have brought this style back through the use of color. Essentially unisex, the frames come in an array of colors, including white, turquoise, and red. Lenses, similarly, have the same amount of variety.

Ray Ban, as the leader in this style, has two types of wayfarers available: the original and new styles. The former consists of thicker, angular frames, while the latter goes for a slightly thinner, more rounded design. Some face shapes may be better suited to the original Ray Ban wayfarer sunglasses – round faces, in particular – while others may be better with the newer look. Additional options include an even more angular frame. Either way, both types of wayfarers offer several color possibilities for the wearer.

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