In the present, however, there is no one “right” type of women’s designer sunglasses. Nearly everything is in; all you need to do is find a look that complements your style. At the moment, classic styles are in, and no matter if you decide to wear women’s designer aviator sunglasses or the new cat eye style, make sure you stick with neutral tones.

Oversized sunglasses have been the “it” pair for women during the last decade. While this look is not out, its image has changed. Five years ago, a pair of pink oversized sunglasses with gradient lenses and rhinestone embellishments might have been your go-to look. Tackiness, however, is out, and black or mock tortoise replaces anything pink or gradient.

Women’s designer aviator sunglasses have gone through a similar style metamorphosis. While not approaching the level of colorfulness as oversized frames did, aviator sunglasses for both sexes started to have some color: a plastic red or white frame or colored gradient lenses. A look dating back to the 1980s, aviator sunglasses should be simple and not a one-outfit accessory: Go with black lenses with a metal frame. But color isn’t fully a fashion taboo, and wayfarer sunglasses are simple and versatile enough that a turquoise or red frame does not appear too ostentatious. The perfect style for those with round faces, wayfarer sunglasses are another revisited ‘80s style. A fully black style goes with any look, but for a dash of color, consider one of Ray-Ban’s colorful frames.

The latest looks for women are cat eye and clubmaster sunglasses. Variations of wayfarers, these women’s designer sunglasses both have a combination of straight and curved lines, but each uses a different combination. Clubmasters, developed in the 1980s and reintroduced in 2008 by Ray-Ban, are half-rim wayfarers, and much like Ray-Ban’s quintessential frame, clubmaster sunglasses can also give your look a hint of color. Cat eye sunglasses, on the other hand, merge wayfarers and women’s frame styles from the 1950s. Consisting of fully angular frames or softer designs, cat eye sunglasses are another look that compliments all face shapes.

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